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If teeth have been repaired too many times or simply have been lost, it is possible to replace the teeth with prosthetic treatment.

Today there is help we can offer to those who have lost one or more teeth and there is an array of modern solutions for replacing teeth depending on the status of your teeth and aesthetic needs.


When a tooth is so damaged that fillings no longer remain in their place or become too large, an individually shaped crown has to be created which is then affixed to the remaining tooth.


If teeth are missing and are to be replaced, a bridge construction can replace one or several teeth. A bridge uses at least two nearby teeth as support. These replacements feel and look just like your original teeth.

Prosthetic Implants

This method is based on a titanium screw being affixed to the jaw bone, acting as a new root which a new tooth crown is then affixed to. If you miss several teeth the choice is between several separate implants with crowns, or alternatively, a bridge solution with a series of fabricated teeth that are affixed to two or more implants.


There are both complete and partial prosthetics that can replace single missing teeth or entire jaws. These are not affixed but can be removed for cleaning.

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