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Dental Care Support

The Dental Care Support has two parts.

The first is a dental care subsidy which is primarily aimed at examinations and preventive care. The second is a high cost protection. The 1 of July every year you get a new dental care subsidy which The Swedish Social Security Agency (Försäkringskassan) manages. You don’t have to apply for it but need to tell your dentist or dental hygienist that you want to use your subsidy to pay for part of the costs of the treatment.

How large is the dental care subsidy?

The size of the subsidy depends on your age. Up until the year when you turn 29, the amount is 300kr per year. From the year when you turn 30 until the year you turn 74 the subsidy is 150kr per year. From the year you turn 75 the subsidy is 300kr per year.

How does the high cost protection work?

The high cost protection ensures that you only have to pay part of the cost for expensive treatments. The Swedish Social Security Agency covers the remaining cost. The reference costs dictate how much the state are able to cover during different treatments.

For treatment with a cost of up to 3000kr you pay full price (applicable to adults). For treatments between 3001-15000kr, 50% of the cost is covered by the state. For treatments with a cost above 15000kr 85% is covered by the state and you only pay the remaining cost. For more information, read:

TLV, the Dental care and medicine subsidy agency, decide the reference costs for the dental treatments included in the state subsidy plan. For example, dental fillings, root canals and crowns. You can read more at:

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